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CYS Corporate Social Responsibility  

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team   

CYS ESG Initiatives   

Despite CYS Global Remit's small size, we take initiatives towards our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approaches in managing our environmental footprint, fostering an inclusive workplace that values talents and contributions of our colleagues, and committing to good corporate governance in our policies and practices. We value and engage with our employees and local communities to play our part in our corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.   


Our efforts encompass a wide range of approaches aimed at creating a more sustainable and compassionate world.  We've launched a digitalization campaign in CYS office, bidding farewell to paper and embracing eco-friendly practices in our operations.  Our office renovation isn't just about aesthetics, it is about reducing our carbon footprint and combating the greenhouse effect head-on.   


But that's not all, we've woven philanthropy into the fabric of our company culture, donating to worthy causes and providing volunteer opportunities that empower our employees to make a difference.  We're passionate about investing in our team, offering support for learning new skills and pursuing higher education, because we believe that empowered individuals drive meaningful change.   


In this week's issue, we're turning up the feel-good factor as we explore how our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are spreading smiles far and wide with uplifting stories that will warm your heart and inspire you to join us in making a positive impact!   


CYS CSR Approaches   

CSR isn't just a corporate jargon to us but our way of shouting to the world, "Hey, we care!" It is about making a real and positive impact not in the boardrooms but in the communities we serve. Think of it as our superhero cape, making the world a better place, one initiative at a time.   


We are not just number-crunchers and dealmakers, we are also weavers of sustainability and champions of community welfare.  From day one, we've been committed to CSR, embracing causes that align with our core values and beliefs.   


CYS DMM Team   

At the core of our CSR approaches is the pivotal role of our Digital Media Marketing (DMM) Team, which oversees the planning and organization of CSR events in each quarter of the year.  Meetings are held to align internal stakeholders CSR approaches with CYS's values and mission, from brainstorming of ideas to collaborating with community partners to executing the event seamlessly, the CYS DMM Team handles every aspect of the process.   


Then throughout the event, our DMM Team serves not only as an organizer but also as the storyteller, capturing the essence of our CSR endeavours in vibrant photos and videos.  How amazing it is when things come together and seeing the efforts paid off through vivid photos and video clips.    


For instance, our recent charity run "Race for Good" by The Salvation Army, the race aimed to raise awareness and funds to support vulnerable children, elderly, ex-offenders, and migrant workers in Singapore.  The race managed to raise over $220,000, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. (Check out the full article here)     

And who could forget the team up with TerraSG where we learned how to turn discarded milk cartons into eco-friendly cardholders, so who says saving the planet can't be stylish?  It didn’t stop there. We were given insights as to how and how much waste are generated across the years in Singapore.  Eco-educated, everyone walked away equipped with waste management know-hows, a more eco-responsible individual than they were yesterday.  

Another notable event was when we teamed up with Lions Home for a day of fun, food, and fantastic performances. We brought not just food but a feast of laughter and joy for our silver-haired friends. Our talented bunch even threw in some surprise performances that had everyone, young and young-at-heart, tapping their feet and cracking smiles. 

We've got another exciting CSR event coming up in March!  Stay tuned for more good vibes and positive energy coming your way!   

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