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fls / large corps

FIs / Large Corps

CYS core strength rests on its capabilities to handle large size deals and high volume payment processes. With its strategic alliances with payment partners, CYS is capable in taking care of large-sizes FX transactions and payments for our FIs and Large Corp customers.

FX Liquidity

CYS has trading relationship with more than 47 licensed money service operators providing CYS with FX liquidity for exotic Asian currencies such as Indonesia Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgits, Chinese Yuan with the capability of direct domestic transfers of these currencies. CYS also partners FX aggregator M-DAQ Pte Ltd, a Singapore leading Fintech company, for their support in large-size FX liquidity in most G7 currencies.

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Payment Network

Payment Network

Throughout CYS 30-plus year of history, it has traded with more than 20 local and international banks in the past, including ANZ, BoA, BoC, BNI, HSBC, Maybank, CIMB, HL Bank, RNB, SE Banken, Seylan Bank and UOB. Its current Singapore bankers are DBS and OCBC. Since its inception, CYS has been using banks for FX liquidity and SWIFT network for fast and secured payments.

CYS agency network is across the Asia Pacific rim, including countries like Japan, Hong Kong (and to China), Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Other than high-value payment processes, CYS has contractual relationship with overseas payment service providers for small-value transactions to countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India, providing payment corridors for migrant workers and foreign workers for payroll or remittance purposes.


Structured Products

CYS sales force comprises of corporate team, institution team and strategic alliance team focusing on SMEs, large-size corporations and money service operators respectively. CYS dealing team offers FX booking for 26 currencies for outward remittances and 10 currencies for inward remittances. Cross-currency trade is CYS strongest point in FX product offering especially in exotic crosses with Asian currencies, making CYS a leading hub for cross-currency buying and selling.

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