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TerraSG x CYS Global Remit: Learning about Sustainability and Creating Useful Upcycled items

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

CYS Staff gathered to learn about sustainability and how to upcycle waste materials

We were amazed! On the 17th of June, an electrifying energy filled the air as CYS Global Remit employees gathered for an extraordinary workshop led by TerraSG. This immersive experience left all of us so inspired, enlightened, and ready to unleash our inner creative sustainability warriors!

TerraSG Facilitator Vanessa teaching the CYS Staff on how to upcycle a milk carton into useful items

During the workshop, we engaged in an interactive learning experience that emphasized the significance of adopting sustainable practices and reducing waste. Led by the team from TerraSG, CYS Global Remitemployees discovered the importance of being environmentally conscious and explored practical ways to make a positive impact on the planet.

Software Developer Xin Jie and Fintech Business Manager Kelvin having fun while crafting the


One of the highlights of the workshop was the creation of carton multi-holders. Through hands-on activities and step-by-step guidance, participants transformed discarded drink cartons into stylish and functional multi-purpose holders. This innovative approach to upcycling not only showcased the creative potential of repurposed materials but also reinforced the idea that small changes can lead to significant environmental transformations.

The workshop served as an inspiring platform for CYS Global Remit employees to exchange ideas, share personal experiences, and forge connections with like-minded individuals who are passionate about environmental sustainability. Collaborative discussions not only ignited a collective enthusiasm to integrate eco-friendly practices into both personal and professional spheres, but it also aided in deepening and fostering team bonds.

Group photo of TerraSG x CYS members

At CYS Global Remit, we firmly believe that fostering a culture of sustainability starts from within. By equipping our people with knowledge, tools, and practical skills, we empower them to make eco-conscious choices and become ambassadors of positive change in their communities.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to TerraSG for their expertise and guidance throughout the workshop. Their commitment to environmental conservation and passion for educating others left an indelible impression on all of us present. CYS Global Remit is grateful for their partnership and looks forward to future collaborations that will further amplify our sustainability efforts.

We will keep you updated with our upcoming events, initiatives, and opportunities to engage in our shared mission of promoting sustainability.

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