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SMEs Solutions

Of course, we have many dedicated payment solutions catered to different industries. And certainly we have many ways to make you feel welcome and comfortable regardless of your payment size and frequency. So why not give us a call and let one of our sales representatives speak to you in person. Or click on one of the currencies below to find out more about sending payments to overseas.

CYS will always have SMEs in our hearts. As a smaller enterprise, often enough you may not get privileges larger corporations enjoy simply because of their sheer volume, especially when it comes to banking facilities. CYS knows because we remember our humble beginning. Helping our SME communities has always been our beliefs. That is why we channel our efforts to bring high-end payment solutions suited for large size corporations to our SME customers.

When you choose our CYS payment services, you will get to enjoy the following corporate privileges:

Large corporate foreign exchange rate.


Large corporate service charges.


Prebook and post-pay settlement arrangement.


Multiple payments in single FX booking.


Safekeeping of unutilised foreign currencies for future payments.


Your own designated relationship manager.


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