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Partners & Investors

The scale of developing an ecosystem catering to vast market segments that are spanned across the APAC region requires technical expertise and substantial capital commitment. CYS is looking towards partnering FinTech companies that are technologically advanced and financially strong to help in the construction of the ecosystem.

Our Partners

If you are interested to take part in our project, we will be more than happy to talk to you in person or via Zoom. Contact our FinTech Business Team through the following channels:

CYS vision is to become a community of interacting professional service providers on a borderless online environment providing knowledge-based services in the Asia Pacific region based on three principles of inclusion, innovation and inspiration. The objective is to build a market place to invite inspiring professional services companies in APAC  region to form a servicing community on a borderless platform offering knowledge-based services through blockchain technology to enable users of different ethnic and social background to access to efficient use of resources, innovative solutions and wide problem-solving capability.

To accomplish the vision, top mission is to connect collaborating payment service providers in APAC to form a payment hub providing FX liquidity and cross-border payment facility to bring the professional service providers and users into the same community, coupled with strategic alliance and the development of blockchain platform for them to share each other expertise and exchanging expert services within the community.

CYS looks forward to working with the following professional service providers in the APAC region:

Accountants / Auditors

Lawyers/Legal Officers

Real Estate Brokers

Financial Planners


Medical Practitioners


Business Consultants

Tech / Data Providers

Investment Advisors

Capital Market Licensee


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