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CYS Visits 135th Canton Fair 2024

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team

Once again, the Canton Fair, celebrated as the apex of international trade events, has showcased its capacity in nurturing global partnerships and fostering economic expansion. Held biannually in Guangzhou, China, this event stands as a beacon of opportunity for businesses worldwide. CYS Global Remit, a prominent figure in global commerce, actively engaged in this cornerstone event of international trade. 


Despite adverse weather conditions, the enthusiasm of both exhibitors and buyers remained steadfast. The Fair witnessed a notable surge in attendance, with 191,928 overseas buyers from 214 countries and regions. This global turnout underscores the enduring allure of the Canton Fair as a premier platform for business interchange. 

Embracing innovation and sustainability took center stage at this year’s Fair, with exhibitors presenting over 1,400 high-quality enterprises. Amidst global industrial shifts, China has emerged as a pivotal force propelling economic advancement.  

The Canton Fair serves as a showcase for China's technological progress and manufacturing capabilities, attracting buyers and suppliers in search of quality products and strategic alliances. This shift towards innovation not only enhances product standards but also bolsters confidence in Chinese manufacturing on the global stage. 

Furthermore, the integration of virtual platforms at the Canton Fair has expanded CYS Global Remit's reach and engagement. By harnessing digital tools such as live streaming and virtual matchmaking services, CYS effectively connected with a diverse range of buyers and suppliers, transcending geographical limitations and fostering fruitful interactions. 

In the face of global uncertainties, CYS Global Remit actively participated in the Canton Fair, leveraging its presence to forge meaningful connections with stakeholders and business owners involved in import and export activities. Through strategic engagements and collaborative efforts, CYS facilitated discussions on enhancing trade efficiency, exploring new opportunities, and addressing challenges in the evolving landscape of international commerce. 


These trade matchmaking events yielded positive outcomes, with over 340 buyers and 1,000 suppliers engaging in one-on-one negotiations. Coupled with industrial seminars and e-commerce platforms, these events allowed CYS to foster significant connections. Additionally, apart from the exhibition, CYS took part in a Business Network International (BNI) event at the Canton Fair, seizing the opportunity to expand its network and engage with like-minded professionals from various industries. Through active participation in BNI, CYS capitalized on the chance to exchange business referrals, share industry insights, and foster mutually beneficial collaborations. 


The 135th Canton Fair underscores its pivotal role in fostering global trade and collaboration. As a leading player in cross-border transactions, CYS Global Remit remains dedicated to leveraging such platforms to drive innovation, sustainability, and inclusive growth in the Asia Pacific region.  

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