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Find out more on what we can offer you by clicking on the currency symbol that you most frequently send to overseas and we will take it from there.

Whether you are an audacious financial investor, striving business entrepreneur, serious art collector, or just caring parent who want to send money to your children studying overseas, CYS Global Remit will always have a solution for you. We can accept payments from most Asian Pacific countries and send them to any major cities in the world. From just a phone call away or simply logon to one of our web applications, sending money overseas cannot be easier.

Foreign Workers

Home is always on your mind when you are a foreign worker here.  Love is what you want to send home to your loved ones.  Money is the fastest and easiest thing to give, and it means so much to them too.  If time and distance are what stopping you to send money home, download our ET-HOME App now and start sending money to your loved ones whenever you want and wherever you are.  Cherish your loved ones now even though you are miles away, they will love you more.

Download ET-Home

Overseas Studies

Sending UK Pounds, Canadian, Aussie, Kiwi or US Dollars to your children studying overseas at a click of a button is nothing new nowadays, but have you actually looked at the total costs?  Download our ET-PLUS App now and start comparing our prices especially our transaction charges, it may surprise you.  Plus, our App can send money to more than 10 countries too, how convenient could that be?  Talk to our local representatives if you need help, what’s more comforting than speaking to a real person in our local language when it comes to money matters?  We have been helping our local communities and many worrying parents since 1981.  Go ahead and try our ET-PLUS now, it’s free.

Download ET-Plus

Overseas Investments

You have a keen sense in investing in overseas markets and you love doing cross-border trades too.  All you need now is a good payment partner that can take care of your foreign currency payments at the comfort of your home or work place, anytime of the day.  Logon to and find out more on your foreign currency needs there.  We have been taking care of our investment clients since 1981, helping many of them profitable in their foreign currency investments.  Talk to our sales representative now to structure your payment requirements.


You need a bank to help you with your business finance but you may be better off using a straightforward payment company for your overseas business payments.  We have been helping our local business communities since 1981 with their foreign currency payments and exchanges, complementing your bank in making your business a great success.  Login to and find out more on your foreign currency needs there.  It is comforting to know that not only we can send funds to most cities worldwide, we can also help you to receive money from more than 10 countries simply because we have all these foreign currency accounts.  Find out how competitive our exchange rates are, as well as the low transaction costs.  Talk to our sales representative now to structure your payment requirements. 
















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