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Why Choose Us

Over 30 years of being in the industry means you can trust CYS with your remittance requirements, regardless the amount

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Licensed by MAS as a money changer and remittance agent, we follow the rules and regulations with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements as set by MAS

Licensed By MAS

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More Cost Efficient Than Any Other Option

We constantly monitor exchange rates to inform you when is the best time to send your money so you save costs

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Fast Remittance
With Technology

We utilize technology to make remittance fast, efficient, and effective. In some cases, payment can be reached within just a few hours


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We started our money service business in Singapore in 1981 and created the brand CYS out of the initials of our senior founder. CYS is a home-grown company dedicated to serving our local business communities right from the start. Our focus is to provide FX liquidity and cross-border payment services to SMEs as well as other money service operators within our region. Our strength lies with our strategic alliance with banks and payment agents along the Asia Pacific rim.

Today CYS is a major payment institution specialises in exotic crosses with Asian currencies, including CNY. Every year our treasury team handles more than 2.2 billion USD worth of contracts given to us by our customers, payment service providers, banks and covering agents with more than half of that amount in cross-border payments to major cities in Asia Pacific, including China.

The vision of our founders is to create a community of interacting business service providers on an online environment providing knowledge-based services in the Asia Pacific region based on 3 principles of inclusion, innovation and inspiration. To achieve that, CYS is developing new products through innovative technology, partnering others for strategic alliances or technological advances, and investing in new businesses or projects to take advantage of economy of scale, risk sharing and gaining expertise.

CYS is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to conduct the following activities in Singapore and complies strictly with all regulatory requirements including AML/CFT practices imposed by our regulators.

1. Account issuance service
2. Domestic money transfer service
3. Cross-border money transfer service
4. E-money issuance service
5. Money-changing service


If you are interested in any of our payment services, please click on any of the currency below to find out more on the variety of money transfer channels offered.


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