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CYS Networking Beyond Borders

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team 

In the bustling world of global remittance services, the power lies not just in staying informed but in the art of forging connections that transcend boundaries. CYS Global Remit’s proactive approach has led us to explore avenues locally and internationally, seeking not only to adapt but to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. 


Local Engagement 1 - Build Tech Asia 

In recent weeks, CYS Global Remit has initiated a concerted effort towards local engagement, actively participating in events like Build Tech Asia (BTA), a leading B2B trade event in the construction industry.  Taking place at the Singapore Expo, this influential event has proven pivotal for CYS in forging connections with new prospects and exploring innovative business methods, automation, and strategies for digital transformation. 

Local Engagement 2 - GEO Connect Asia and Asia Photonics 

GEO Connect Asia and Asia Photonics, hosted at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, has also serve as leading platforms for branding and business connections in the photonics industry.  At this event, CYS seized the opportunity to connect with professionals from diverse industries, fostering collaborations while expanding our network. 


Global Reach 1 - Foodex Japan Exhibition 

Venturing beyond our usual scope, CYS Global Remit recently delved into the vibrant atmosphere of Japan Foodex. Here, we nurtured fresh business connections and broadened our global network. 

Beyond the confines of commerce, we fully immersed ourselves in the intricate tapestry of Japanese culture, indulging in a diverse array of delicacies. Japan's vast selection of seafood and fruits, each meticulously harvested and served with unparalleled freshness and quality, left an indelible impression upon us. 


Global Reach 2 - China's Real Estate Sector 

Expanding our horizons, CYS Global Remit recently ventured into China, taking part in the Chongqing Real Estate Investment Exchange and Promotion Conference. This gathering brought together ten developers, nine real estate agencies, and nineteen Singaporean entrepreneur companies. In addition to our active involvement in the conference, CYS was honoured to receive the Chongqing 30th-anniversary monument as a token of appreciation. 


Amidst the lively ambiance, Chairman Zhou shared valuable market insights, while our Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynn Wong, received a special invitation to impart her expertise and perspectives. These moments further cemented our dedication to fostering meaningful connections across borders. 


In every interaction, whether local or global, our mission remains unwavering: to nurture relationships that transcend geographical boundaries and build a community rooted in collaboration and innovation. These engagements allow us to engage with clients and stakeholders from diverse sectors, positioning CYS Global Remit as a trusted ally in driving global business success. 

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