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Taste of Happiness at CYS Global Remit, Literally!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Have you ever come across a corporate culture that screams “Work Hard, Play Hard, and Dine in Class”? Well, welcome to CYS Global Remit where our commitment to excellence extends beyond just business, but to good food too!

Start your day at CYS Global Remit's in-house café with a hearty breakfast prepared daily by our own pantry service team, cold cereals with fresh fruits for if you are watching your diet, or just a boiled egg with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. No matter what your choice is, we make sure you are well-fed and nourished before you embark on your day.

And for lunch, hmm.. we don’t even know where to start because every day, we have a different menu for lunch based on cuisine ranging from Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian Japanese, Korean, Italian, Mexican, to Western and of course our own Singapore local fare. That’s not just it, because our in-house prepared meals come in choices of keto, non-keto, and meat free dishes, always paired with a piping hot soup du jour to make sure you have a very satisfied lunch. That is why our lunch time is always a buzz where you see CYS people literally queuing for food, deciding on their favourite picks, and sharing their lunch time with others at the dining tables.

If you are still hungry between meals, satisfy your cravings from our snack basket which is filled with fresh fruits, medley of sweet and savoury snacks, and an array of confectionery. Stay refreshed with a variety of cold soft drink, packet drink, or our own CYS bottled water. And to keep you warm and alert, try our Western or local Nanyang coffee that is freshly brewed every morning and afternoon, or have a cup of a hot English Breakfast tea, which is so calm and soothing. Simply enjoyable!

If you are a CYS customer, vendor, family member or friend of our CYS employees, you are welcome to share the exceptional lunch experience with us, on the house, of course . Contact your friendly CYS person to arrange a lunch visit, bring along a friend or two and find out for yourself how happiness tastes like in CYS Global Remit.

For further enquiry, please call our HR hotline at 62222666 or email us at See you soon… yum-yum!

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