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Every Canvas is a Journey all its Own

– Helen Frankenthaler (Part 1)

Contributed by Nicholas Lim, Talent Acquisition & Management Executive In the fast-paced domain of cross-border payment services, CYS Global Remit values more than just numbers, we cherish creativity, teamwork, and the unique talents of our CYS employees. We know that creativity knows no bounds, and we want to provide our CYS employees with an opportunity to express themselves outside the world of finance.

That is why on one fine day, we set aside spreadsheets and messaging apps to embark on an artistic journey like no other and gave our CYS employees a challenge - four canvases, each a portal to a different world - a tranquil beach, a riot of vibrant flowers, an elegant butterfly, and a towering edifice reaching for the sky. It was unveiled to our CYS Global Remit staff members who came with a simple yet intriguing challenge - paint each canvas according to its corresponding colour.

And to ignite our team's creative spirits, we introduced enticing incentives with each canvas associated with a different reward, ranging from $50 to $200, depending on its complexity. Naturally, our CYS employees gathered around the canvases with their eyes scanning the intricate designs and patterns. The atmosphere was buzzed with excitement and curiosity as our employees contemplated their choices for they knew that their decision would determine the artwork they would create, and each canvas presented its own set of challenges and creative opportunities.

With a sense of anticipation, they cast their choices, selecting the canvas that spoke to their artistic sensibilities. The result was so overwhelming that we had to resolve to a draw lot solution to come out with our four talented employees designated as the creators who would bring these canvases to life, each one adding their unique touch.

Please go on to Part 2 of this story when we reveal and showcase the completed masterpieces painstakingly painted by our own CYS staff members and introduce you to our CYS Painters! See you there.

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