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UAE Praises SG on AML

A Report by CYS Global Remit Legal & Compliance Office

An article in Straits Times published on 14 November 2023 titled “S’pore handling of money laundering case globally significant: UAE head of anti-money laundering ” underscores the critical importance of compliance monitoring in the context of a $2.8 billion money laundering case in Singapore, as praised by the United Arab Emirates' anti-money laundering head, Mr. Hamid Al Zaabi, emphasizing the need for robust compliance monitoring measures.

Key takeaways emphasize the global significance of financial crimes and their potential to disrupt economic stability by undermining competition, hindering growth, deepening inequality, and eroding confidence in the integrity of the global financial system.

The cross-border nature of money laundering necessitates international cooperation and collaboration between law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities to effectively combat the problem.

As criminals engaged in money laundering are becoming increasingly sophisticated, constantly evolving their tactics to evade detection. This highlights the importance of law enforcement agencies staying ahead by investing in training, talent, and innovative technologies for law enforcement agencies and those required in the field of work.

The article notes the positive impact of compliance efforts, as demonstrated by the UAE's progress in combating financial crime following its placement on the grey list by the Financial Action Task Force through demonstrating progress in combating financial crime by increased reporting, investigations, prosecutions, and fines, supported by a high conviction rate in money laundering cases.

Additionally, the broader implications of money laundering in activities such as corruption, drug trafficking, and terrorism financing are highlighted.

The article also acknowledges of the importance of learning from best practices, with countries expressing a willingness to collaborate and strengthen efforts in the fight against financial crime.

CYS Global Remit employs various methods in our AML trainings and regimes to ensure that our systems and employees are relevant in facing today’s money-laundering threats. Constantly on the lookout to enhance our transaction monitoring systems, Know Your Customers Process, ID and Authentication technologies to bolster as our commitment to the fight against Money laundering and Terrorist Financing.

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