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Shell-abrate Easter with Your Egg Design Competition

CYS has hopped into the spirit of Easter and held an egg-citing Easter Egg Design Competition this week where all CYS employees were invited to submit their Easter Egg designs.

Typically, Easter eggs are created using a variety of materials such as paint, markers, stickers, or other decorative items, but our CYS people have let their imagination go mad and used materials like rolled up pieces of paper, cotton balls and sparkly diamante.

As a result, eggs-tremely cute submissions such as the Minions from the Despicable Me franchise, Elmo from the Sesame Street franchise, Ultraman from the Ultraman franchise, Totoro from Studio Ghibli movie My Neighbor Totoro, and Gengar from the Pokemon franchise were received.

The judging criteria are based on the creativity, originality, skill, and craftsmanship displayed in the designs. Easter egg design competitions are a fun, fresh and engaging way to celebrate the Easter holidays. The competition provides outlets for creative expression among the CYS employees, which can be seen in their amazingly ideas and designs. Stay tuned for the judges' results in the next issue!

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