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S$360,000 to Become Singaporean?

A Report by CYS Global Remit Transaction Monitoring Compliance Function Group

In recent news, the CYS Global Remit Transaction Monitoring Compliance Team would like to highlight a case involving Zhang Qingqiao, a 37-year-old Chinese citizen, who received a four-week jail term in Singapore for making a false statement to acquire a work pass. Zhang's case sheds light on the importance of maintaining the integrity of immigration systems and preventing fraud.

Zhang's story involves a deceptive plan orchestrated by Wang Jue to obtain citizenship and permanent residency. Despite being offered a quicker path to permanent citizenship through a S$2 million investment opportunity, Zhang chose an alternative route. In 2019, he "invested" S$360,000 in MW Dynamics, with the intention of holding an employment pass without actively working for the business. This allowed him to receive a monthly income of S$10,000. Zhang applied for a fraudulent job pass as the director of business development for MW Dynamics, with the goal of securing residency and citizenship in Singapore.

Although Zhang argued that he was deceived by Wang into this fraudulent scheme, the court found him guilty. This case serves as a testament to Singapore's commitment to preventing immigration fraud and upholding the reliability of its work pass system.

At CYS Global Remit, we prioritize stringent procedures to assess every customer before establishing a business relationship. Customers are expected to provide details about the source of their funds, the purpose of their remittance, and their background, including occupation and employer. This comprehensive information helps us gain a deeper understanding of our customers.

To safeguard financial transactions and combat fraudulent activities like Zhang's case, CYS Global Remit employs cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence through our Transaction Monitoring Compliance Program. Regular analysis of transaction patterns, anomaly detection, and data cross-verification enable us to swiftly identify questionable activity. Our meticulous manual and automated verification processes act as a robust first line of defense against fraudulent schemes.

CYS Global Remit is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance to earn the trust of our clients. We are dedicated to protecting their financial interests from threats and dishonest activities by staying ahead of evolving strategies, ensuring a secure environment for legitimate financial operations.


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