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CYS Special Feature - Staff Promotion

We are excited to announce two promotions in the new year of 2023. Jarret Z. J. Tham has been promoted to Head of Compliance while Sarah K. W. Tham promoted to Manager in Charge of Office Facility and Services.

Jarret joined CYS in December 2019 as a sales apprentice after graduating from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours First Class in International Finance and Accounting. After working in the front line for two years, Jarret became interested in compliance work and was successfully transferred to our Legal & Compliance Office in May 2021 working as a compliance analyst trainee. Jarret’s aptitude in compliance surpassed all expectations and has been consistently delivering high-quality work that is above and beyond in his role. He was promoted to Manager in Charge of Compliance in May 2022 and now appointed as the Head of Compliance of CYS Global Remit.

Sarah has been an invaluable member of our office pantry team for the past three years working as Kitchen Assistant. Sarah graduated from SHATEC of Singapore in 1998 with a diploma in Pastry and Baking has a wealth of experience and expertise in baking and culinary skills, especially in designing menu. She has helped in planning numerous in-house events that saw great line-up of speciality food dishes from all over the world, incredible mixes of cocktails, and the world’s nicest bread and softest buns baked by our Sarah, yummy! We are confident that Sarah will excel in her new position.

Please join us in congratulating both Jarret and Sarah on their well-deserved promotion.

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