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CYS Special - ​CNY Lantern Making Competition 2023 Winners

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

It was a tough competition, but everyone emerged as a winner as declared by CYS Chief Executive Ms. Ann S. K. Wee who presented prizes to the top 3 winning teams in our CNY Lantern Making Competition 2023 and gave each CYS employee a surprise reward of a CYS merchandise of their choice to thank them for putting in maximum effort and utilizing one's creativity and resources to the best of their ability. CEO was extremely impressed by the dedication and sincerity our CYS employees put into making all the imaginative, aesthetically pleasing and carefully crafted lanterns.

To pick the top 3 winners was no easy task so CYS roped in the effort from our partners Ample Transfers and Lexagle to help make the decision. We would like to thank the CEO of Ample Transfers Mr. Matthew Yap and CEO & Founder of Lexagle Mr. Gerald Heng for their contribution.

And the top 3 winning team for this year CNY Lantern Making Competition are Top winner – Office Facility & Services Team, 2nd winner – Strategic Business Unit, and 3rd winner – Digital Media Marketing Team. Congratulations to all winners!

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