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CYS Networking in CNY Week

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team  

In CYS Global Remit, staying ahead means not just keeping abreast of industry trends but also forging valuable connections. Over the past two weeks, CYS Global Remit has been actively engaged in prominent industry events, notably Seamless 2024, DBS CNY D&D 2024, and Ripple After Hours 2024.  


Seamless 2024: Navigating Asia’s Digital Economy Horizon  

Seamless 2024 offered a unique platform where industry leaders and innovators gathered at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. Focusing on the future of payments, banking, and e-commerce in Asia, the Event featured live exhibitions and conferences crucial for understanding the evolving digital economy.  

Renowned speakers such as Homam Alghorani, Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Balance, and Sheuechee Beh, Director of Payments APAC at Uber, shared invaluable perspectives.  CYS Global Remit capitalized on this opportunity not only to absorb these insights but also to connect with exhibitors and delegates. The primary goal was to foster new relationships and identify potential collaborators in the dynamic landscape of cross-border payments.  


DBS Spring Festival Celebration: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation  

DBS Bank's Spring Festival event was a vibrant celebration, highlighted by the active participation of CYS Global Remit CEO and Deputy Managing Director, Ms. Ann Wee.   Amidst sumptuous buffets, captivating lion and dragon dance performances, and dazzling spotlights, the event beautifully encapsulated DBS's commitment to blending tradition with modernity.  

The event provided ample networking opportunities, with our CEO connecting with familiar faces, cherishing moments with old friends, and establishing new connections. The culinary experience was exceptional, featuring unique dishes like "Cali Dream" and "Dos Amigos," complemented by a variety of engaging games and crafts, including personalized Chinese New Year-themed keychains. The evening concluded with a delightful surprise as DBS's senior management members graced the stage for an entertaining performance, adding an extra layer of joy to the festivities.  


Ripple After Hours: Unveiling Insights and Strengthening Bonds  

Ripple After Hours, hosted by Ripple, offered a more intimate setting for CYS Global Remit's Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynn Wong, to engage with long-time partners. The evening featured a fireside chat with Michael Campion, Partner and Head of Corporate Training at Quinlan & Associates, centered around the theme "Unlocking Your Potential."  

Campion's journey, transitioning from a career in global banking and markets at Royal Bank of Scotland to a professional football career, and eventually to his current role at Quinlan & Associates, provided fascinating insights. The event further facilitated a Q&A session, enabling participants to delve deeper into potential synergies and collaborative opportunities within the dynamic realm of cross-border payments.  


CYS Global Remit thoroughly enjoyed participating in these events as they provided invaluable opportunities to learn about emerging trends, foster relationships with existing partners, and explore potential collaborations with new partners and networks. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in the upcoming editions of CYS Insights.  Additional photos:


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