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CYS Management Associate Program

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

CYS Management Associate Preparation Program is designed to nurture the young graduates to become future leaders in the banking and financial service industry. Over a period of 24 months, the Management Associates will undergo an accelerated preparation program to fast-track their work experience in the cross-border payment (Banking and FinTech) industry. This is where they will learn and appreciate different aspects of this part of the financial service industry, a core part of the banking business.

Our current Management Associates are Ms. Toh Xiu Hui, Ms. Te Hui Ling and Mr. Jason Cheah. They will go through comprehensive and well-structured classroom training, plus on-the-job training experience to cover the industry best practices, standards and convention, regulatory requirements, compliance culture, and the latest emerging FinTech developments.

The CYS Management Associates will get ample opportunities to stretch their capabilities and potential in facing real business situation in the Program. They will gain in-depth knowledge of the payment industry and access to CYS leadership training at the same time. They will get to enhance in business knowledge, expand in skill set, and learn management skill to get them ready for real world challenges throughout our comprehensive suite of training.

CYS Management Associate Preparation Program gives our candidates full accreditation with course certificates to substantiate their learning credentials. This allows them to position themselves in career placement with any financial institution of their choices. Email us or call our CYS Hotline to find out more if you are interested in joining our CYS Management Associate Preparation Program.

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