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CYS Event - CYS Lunch Visit

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

CYS Lunch Visit is our latest Office Branding campaign. Any CYS employee can bring up to 2 guests to the office for lunch, free of charge of course. This could be customers, friends, family members, or ex-colleagues from another company.

The objectives are to promote CYS as a community with our culture and values; share our in-house café food and facilities with our community members to promote our brand; build trust and security with our brand among our community members.

Visitors are invited to enjoy our daily lunch buffet, hot beverages or cold drinks, snacks, and confectionaries. Office tour is available upon request and all CYS merchandises are given another 10% off from our regular staff prices if purchased during visit.

Do you know any of our CYS employees?

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