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CYS Christmas Lunch

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team

Laughter filled the air at the CYS Global Remit office last Tuesday, creating a symphony of holiday cheer that resonated with the delectable aroma of our mouthwatering Christmas feast. CYS Global Remit employees and friends, wrapped in the spirit of the season, came together to revel in not only the joy of the holidays but also the camaraderie that transforms our workplace into a festive community. 

A Feast Fit for Festivity

The heart of our celebration beat with the shared joy of indulging in a delightful Christmas lunch. Picture the scene: tables adorned with festive decorations, friends, and guests gathered around, ready to embark on a culinary journey that would make even Santa's taste buds tingle.

Our menu, a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, showcased a splendid array of dishes that catered to every palate. From the modern allure of Cranberry Apple Sangria to the timeless appeal of a Slow Roasted Turkey, each dish embodied the holiday spirit that defines CYS Global Remit's unique workplace culture.

Slow Roasted Turkey – The jolly roasted turkey, a true triumph of culinary magic! Drenched in a merry blend of enchanting herbs and spices, this delightful bird was then slow-cooked to absolute perfection, promising a moist and flavour-packed experience that left everyone's taste buds dancing with holiday joy. 

Get ready to indulge in pure comfort with our creamy and decadent Potatoes Au Gratin—a true showcase of our culinary team's mastery in crafting beloved classics. Picture this: layers of thinly sliced potatoes baked to a golden crisp, embraced by a velvety cheese sauce that elevates this side dish to a level of pure indulgence. It's a culinary symphony that leaves everyone at the table craving seconds. Join us in savouring the richness of this holiday delight!

Indulge your sweet tooth in the divine finale of our dessert selection—the Apple & Berries Crumble Tart. A buttery, flaky crust cradles a delightful medley of fresh apples and berries, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate. Crowned with a delectable crumble topping for that perfect crunch, this tart is the sweet exclamation point to our Christmas celebration, leaving everyone with a taste of holiday bliss.

A round of applause for our Office Facility Management unit for orchestrating the seamless arrangement of our Christmas lunch. The culinary team, with their exceptional skills, transformed ordinary ingredients into culinary masterpieces, elevating our Christmas experience to new heights. The festive touch of donning Christmas-themed headbands added an extra layer of joy and merriment to the celebration. Cheers to a team that truly knows how to make the holiday season sparkle!

Deepening Relations 

CYS Global Remit recognizes the value of relationships, both within the team and with esteemed guests. Their participation added a touch of excitement and shared joy to the yuletide festivities, aligning with CYS Global Remit's commitment to building connections beyond the workplace.

As we eagerly unwrap the gift of a new year, the merry memories from this joyous occasion will undoubtedly twinkle as a source of inspiration and motivation. Wrapping up the year with the harmonious symphony of rowdy laughter, heartwarming memories, and a feast fit for a festive feast, our Christmas celebration at CYS Global Remit truly sparkled with the spirit of togetherness and shared joy! 

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