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CYS at ATxEnterprise – A World of Tech Magic

Updated: Jun 5

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marking Team

Hey tech enthusiasts! 

We’re excited to share our incredible experience at ATxEnterprise 2024 at Singapore Expo. This mega event is the ultimate playground for B2B enterprises, featuring cutting-edge innovations in Technology, Broadcast Media, Infocomm, Satellite Communications, and start-ups. It's where the magic happens, and we were right in the heart of it all! 


ATxEnterprise is famous for its vibrant, electric atmosphere, and this year was no different. From state-of-the-art Broadcast and Media Technology to the latest advancements in ICT and Commercial AI, the event showcased the innovations shaping our digital future. 


Our CYS Global Remit team was on fire, connecting with fantastic companies, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations. And let’s not forget the super fun 'spin the wheel' activities at various booths – who knew networking could be so entertaining? 


Tech Highlights That Blew Our Minds 


ATxEnterprise was a tech wonderland, packed with the coolest gadgets and gear revolutionizing the content creation industry. We were amazed by the incredible lineup, which included cutting-edge satellite communication devices, waterproof battery packs, advanced broadcasting gear, and innovative lighting solutions. 


Broadcasting and Media Technology 


Check out the photos we took at the event! We were amazed by the high-end broadcasting and media technology on display. Imagine top-tier RED cameras with professional-grade lenses—these game-changers create stunning, high-quality content. Whether it's live broadcasting or recorded media, these tools guarantee top-notch production values. 


In our photos, you can spot: 


Pro Camera Gear:  

The sophisticated camera setups with high-resolution lenses and advanced audio systems were truly spectacular. These tools empower content creators to deliver jaw-dropping visuals and crystal-clear sound. 


Interactive Booths:  

How cool was the Iron Man bust setup? These interactive displays were not just eye-catching—they showcased the real-world applications of the technology, offering a practical glimpse into its capabilities. 



Expert Demos:  


Industry professionals were on hand to give live demos and share their insights. Watching the technology in action and learning directly from the experts was a major highlight! 

We had a fantastic time engaging with various companies, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential partnerships. Our experience at ATxEnterprise was all about embracing the future and strengthening our connections within the tech community. We're more inspired than ever to push the boundaries and deliver exceptional value to our clients. 


Stay tuned to CYS Insights for more exciting updates and tech adventures! 

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