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Behind The Scenes: A Look into CYS’s FinTech Development Team

Here at CYS, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and skilled group of professionals who work tirelessly and diligently to achieve our goals. In this issue, we will be zooming into our FinTech Development Team. FinTech is short for Financial Technology and is a term used to describe the integration of technology into traditional financial services to improve efficiency, accessibility, and customer experience.

Our FinTech Development Team comprises of 4 talented members, helmed by our Chief FinTech Officer (CFTO) Mr. Lim Jing Wei, FinTech Business Manager Mr. Kelvin Q.M. Oh, Software Development Manager Mr. Tim D.H. Chen, and Software Developer Ms. Ng Xin Jie. The team is responsible for software development, mobile apps, and digital platforms to offer financial services to CYS customers and business partners.

CYS FinTech product is called ET-HOME, which is a low-value payment app for the migrant workers and domestic helpers. The Team is working on their next product ET-PLUS, which is designed for white collar and blue-collar executives, financial investors, business entrepreneurs, or parents who send money to their children studying overseas.

Every team is essential to CYS Global Remit’s continual success. This goes especially for our FinTech Development Team. With their talent and expertise in software development and their commitment to delivering high-quality experience, they continually create highly innovative and effective solutions that enable CYS to stay ahead of the competition and deliver great value to all our customers and users.

We are extremely proud of our FinTech Development Team for their relentlessly hard work, passion, and creativity. Keep up the good work, FinTech Development Team!

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