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A Heart-Warming Culture at CYS

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team 

Welcome to CYS Global Remit, where we are not just about numbers and transactions. At the heart of it all, we're all about our people. CYS Global Remit is just not another financial institution but a place that celebrates the exceptional individuals who make CYS family something truly special.   

More than a Financial Institution   

Inclusion, innovation, and inspiration are the cornerstones of the CYS way.  Our founders envisioned CYS Global Remit not just as a financial institution but as a community rooted in these principles.  The lively culture we've cultivated reflects these values, making CYS not just a workplace but a second home for our dedicated staff.  

As we continue to lead in cross-border payments and financial services, our commitment to fostering a hearty and inclusive community remains unwavering.  At CYS Global Remit, we believe that a connected and engaged team doesn't just work together – they celebrate, innovate, and inspire together.  

In this week's edition of "CYS Insights," we invite you to feel the heartbeat of our organization – a culture that transcends the transactional nature of our work, reminding us that at the core of CYS Global Remit is a community that cares, connects, and celebrates every step of the way. Join us on this journey, where the CYS culture beckons, inviting you to be part of a unique and vibrant family. 

Celebrating Life's Milestones, One Birthday at a Time  

One of the distinctive features of our CYS family is the genuine effort we make to celebrate each other's birthdays, seriously!  Here at CYS, birthdays are more than just a personal affair but a testament to the bond that tie everyone together.   

From the long-standing members who safeguard our virtue to the young minds that challenge our innovations, every birthday is a collective joy for the CYS family to share in a simple yet heart-warming cake-cutting session.   

The birthday person is surrounded by well-wishers, each taking a moment to extend their well wishes.  The camaraderie is palpable, and the moment is captured with a group photo, letting the memory of the celebration lives on.   Here is a montage of past birthday photos that vividly captured the sense of family lifestyle we shared in our CYS community.  

Additional photos:

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