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A CYS Payment App

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team 

Dear Employers of Domestic Helpers, 


In this interconnected world of ours, where distances can sometimes feel overwhelming, the unwavering desire to support our loved ones remains a powerful force.   For employers of domestic helpers like you, whose kindness knows no borders, ensuring your helpers can effortlessly send money home isn't just a responsibility but a heartfelt gesture of care and appreciation.   


CYS Global Remit has just the right tool for you. Introducing ET-Home, a friendly and innovative mobile app that aims to make cross-border payments a breeze for employers and their domestic helpers.  


ET-Home isn't just an App, it's a bridge that simplifies the complexities of sending money across borders.  Now, employers can empower their domestic helpers to support their families back home with unparalleled ease.  With ET-Home, distance is no longer a barrier to expressing care and solidarity, it's a seamless connection that brings hearts closer together.  


Key Features for Seamless Support  


  • Competitive Rates & Low Costs  

Transparency is the foundation of our service.  ET-Home offers live exchange rates and affordable charges, ensuring that money sent by employers reaches their helpers' families without any hidden fees.  


  • Extensive Coverage & Network  

ET-Home boasts an extensive network covering most countries in Asia, enabling domestic helpers to send money to their families in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and beyond through our authorised providers.  


  • Safety & Security  

Trust is paramount.  ET-Home implements rigorous security measures to protect personal information and guarantee that hard-earned money reaches its intended destination securely and with peace of mind.  


  • Speed & Convenience  

Sending money should be straightforward. With ET-Home's intuitive interface, employers can effortlessly facilitate their helpers' remittances in just four simple steps, ensuring timely support for their families.  


How It Works:  


ET-Home's functionality is crafted to be both intuitive and advanced: 


  1. Account Creation:  Helpers can swiftly set up an ET-Home account by providing their personal details.  

  2. Wallet Top-Up:  Linking their SGD bank account enables helpers to seamlessly add funds to their ET-Home wallets.  

  3. Recipient Details:  Ensuring accurate recipient information guarantees that funds reach the intended destination securely.  

  4. Instant Transfers:  With a simple click, helpers can promptly send support to their families. Real-time notifications via SMS or email keep them informed of each transfer's status.  


 Payment Flexibility:  


ET-Home accommodates diverse needs with multiple payment modes:  


  • Bank Transfers: Helpers can send money directly to their families' bank accounts in nine countries across Asia.  


  • Cash Pickups:  For added convenience, cash pickups are available from authorised providers in select countries, ensuring prompt access to support.  


Enhanced User Experience:  


ET-Home strives to streamline the remittance journey:  


  • Recipient Details Storage: Helpers can save up to 10 recipient details, expediting future transactions and saving valuable time.  


  • Notification System: Immediate SMS and email notifications keep helpers informed at every stage of the transfer process, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.  


  • Live Customer Support: Dedicated support is readily available to assist with any challenges, ensuring a seamless experience and providing reassurance to users.  



With ET-Home, care knows no borders, and support transcends distance. Download ET-Home today and empower your domestic helpers to facilitate seamless cross-border payments to their loved ones seamless. 


ET-Home – Where Every Transfer is a Testament of Care. 

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