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Jimmy Yeo - 21 Years & Counting | A Remarkable Career with CYS Global Remit

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Contributed by Arion Kwok, Digital Media Marketing Officer

In today's fast-paced corporate world, where job changes are increasingly common, there are shining examples of individuals whose unwavering loyalty and dedication to a single company serve as a beacon of commitment. Jimmy K. L. Yeo, a beloved and cherished member of the CYS Global Remit family, embodies these exceptional qualities through his remarkable 21-year journey with the company.

Two Decades of Unwavering Commitment

Jimmy is 74 years old today, he is the oldest CYS employee at this moment. Jimmy embarked on his extraordinary voyage with CYS Global Remit in 2002. Over the span of two remarkable decades, he has indeed become an indispensable cornerstone of the company's identity. Jimmy's career is not just marked by its duration but he is also well-liked and respected by his colleagues, both young and old.

A Nurturing Environment and Heartfelt Gratitude

What has fueled Jimmy's unwavering dedication to CYS Global Remit for two decades? The answer lies in the workplace culture, the camaraderie amongst colleagues, and a leader whose kindness has left an indelible impression on his heart.

"I consider this workplace my second family," Jimmy shares with heartfelt gratitude. "I've had the privilege of working alongside some of the most extraordinary individuals, and I owe a tremendous debt of thanks to my bosses, Mr. Carl Cheung and Ms. Ann Wee. They hired me all those years ago and have been an unwavering pillar of support throughout my career. Their kindness has been the driving force behind my decision to remain with CYS Global Remit."

A Journey of Versatility and Personal Growth

Jimmy's professional journey at CYS Global Remit has been a progressive one, characterized by continuous growth. He began as a settlement officer, handling critical financial transactions with precision and dedication. Later, he transitioned to the accounts department, where he meticulously managed financial records.

Today, as a general office assistant, Jimmy's responsibilities encompass a wide spectrum, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of the company. His adaptability and steadfast dedication have consistently shone through.

Recognition and Appreciation

At CYS Global Remit, we wholeheartedly acknowledge and celebrate Jimmy's exceptional service and unwavering commitment. He was honored with a Cartier watch after a decade of dedicated service and, more recently, received a prestigious gold bar in recognition of his remarkable 20-year milestone.

Jimmy's journey isn't just a career; it's a living example of the values that define CYS Global Remit as an awesome place to work. We can't wait to celebrate more milestones with our extended CYS family!

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