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Special Event - CYS Karaoke Night

Updated: Mar 29

Karaoke is a beloved activity for corporate events where people can bond over music, laughter, and good times. CYS had it first karaoke night in 2023 held within its in-house café last Friday for its 50-over employees and friends.

At the “center stage” was a big TV screen backed up with microphones and many loudspeakers to blast away popular songs sung by our talented employees to unwind, have fun, and create fond memories with each other. The event was well-organized and entertaining, with great food, chilled beers, drinks, and not forgetting Singaporeans’ favorite lucky draw to bring more excitement and fun moments together.

CEO Ann S. K. Wee thanks the event organizers for their teamwork and collaboration to bring this event to a success. More themed office events will be planned to bring CYS employees together, build team morale, and create a sense of community.

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