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Singapore FinTech Festival

Singapore FinTech Festival was held from 02 Nov to 04 Nov 2022 at the Singapore Expo Convention Centre. It was the premier platform for the global FinTech community to engage, connect, collaborate on issues relating to the confluence of financial services, public policy, and technology.

The 5E - Enhance; Empower; Envision; Encourage and Engage - sets the backdrop for Singapore’s FinTech potential journey to harness the full FinTech journey to harness the full potential of technology and innovation for our financial industry. The FinTech industry continually experimenting and innovating, creating positive change, and solving problems for mankind and the world. Together, the Singapore Government and MAS will walk this journey to support and collaborate with the FinTech community.

CYS Global Remit Fin-Tech Team was there in full force throughout the 3-day Event. Led by Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Wong and Chief Operating Officer Jing-Wei Lim, our team renewed ties with many of our FinTech partners including Ripple, FOMO Pay and Tranglo to name a few. The Event ended with a big cocktail party on Friday evening.

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