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SG Police Officer Charged with Bribery

A Report by CYS Global Remit Legal & Compliance Office 

Enter the latest chapter in the ongoing legal saga of Poo Tze Chiang, a Singapore police officer entangled in a web of corruption allegations.  Poo Tze Chiang, aged 46, faces four fresh corruption charges, including one amalgamated charge, along with an additional charge of cheating and dishonestly inducing a delivery of property.  


According to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) of Singapore, between July and October 2019, Poo allegedly received gratifications totalling S$18,000 (US$13,443) from Chinese national Chen Guangyun on three occasions.  These alleged gratifications were purportedly intended to influence Poo or another unidentified Singapore Police Force (SPF) officer to assist Chen in reducing punishment or avoiding prosecution for immigration offences under investigation.  


Additionally, between August 2019 and January 2020, it is alleged that Poo obtained further gratifications totalling S$18,000 from Chen on six occasions.  These payments were allegedly offered as inducements to help Chen remain in Singapore following a criminal conviction.  


In September 2020, Poo is accused of knowingly deceiving Chen into believing that S$10,000 was required to facilitate Chen's return to Singapore by applying to two government agencies.  


As part of the code of conduct of CYS Global Remit, individuals receiving gifts from clients or vendors are mandated to report them to management, ensuring transparency and maintaining the integrity of our operations.  




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