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Interpol & Onfido: Building a Strong Defense strategy against Fraud

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Onfido, a leading global provider of automated identity verification and authentication solutions, jointly conducted a webinar discussion with Interpol on building a strong defence strategy against fraud on 14 December 2022. CYS Global Remit Executive Director, Ms Kwang May Ling and Chief Compliance Officer, Mr. Lim Jing Wei were invited to the online event.

The Webinar discussed on fraud trends currently found in market, how businesses deal with the online threats that go with digitization, the prevention techniques needed to prepare for business going into 2023, and the kind of fraud that is most often encountered with digital IDs. CYS Global Remit keeps abreast of the latest and emerging fraud trends in the market and adopts technology-based approaches for preventive measures.

Executive Director Ms Kwang May Ling, Chief Compliance Officer Mr. Lim Jing Wei

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