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CYS Salutes Singapore with a Gift!

CYS Global Remit's National Day Giveaway

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

As Singapore marked its 58th year of independence in 2023, the spirit of celebration was alive and excited at CYS Global Remit Office in Shenton House on August 8 when the CYS marketing team, led by Chief Marketing Officer, Lynn Wong orchestrated an enchanting giveaway of the commemorative designed CYS coasters and CYS bottle water that warmed many hearts of office people who worked around there.

Smiles were exchanged, and heartfelt thanks filled the atmosphere, embodying the collective sentiment of gratitude towards this genuine gesture. One recipient joyfully shared, "This coaster is truly a work of art. Wishing you all a heartfelt National Day as well!" This sentiment echoed the appreciation that each one of us felt towards this heartwarming offering.

Happy 58th Birthday, Singapore!

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