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CYS Salutes Singapore in Art!

National Day Celebration Card Painting Competition

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

Top Winner: Ng Xin Jie – Software Developer

The echoes of Singapore's 58th birthday celebration in CYS Global Remit continued to resonate as we proudly unveiled the winners of National Day Celebration Card Painting Competition last Thursday. This artistic event showcased not only the diverse talents within our CYS family but deepened our collective appreciation for the rich tapestry of Singapore.

With passion and ingenuity, our CYS employees embarked on an artistic journey that fused our iconic CYS Global Remit logo with the vibrant elements that embodied the spirit of our country's 58th National Day. Their creative energies turned plain 5" x 8" cards into enchanting expressions of their love for Singapore, each capturing a unique facet of our nation's identity.

These exceptional "artists" have managed to encapsulate the essence of Singapore's National Day from a diverse range of perspectives, showcasing their creative prowess. The judging process was no small task, given the remarkable diversity and quality of the entries, which served as a testament to the immense dedication and passion of our employees.

The top five highest-score entries given by our 4 invited external judges were declared winners with the 1st prize going to the highest-score entry. And the winner is our software developer, Ng Xin Jie.

Xin Jie's winning entry mesmerized all our judges with its 3-dimensional design of an outline of Singapore island, our CYS Global Remit Logo, and the words “Happy Birthday Singapore!” all popping out of a design filled with beautiful fireworks, flags, and banners all over the card. A visual feast that locked the hearts of our judges and the rest of us. Good job done, Xin Jie!

(From Top Left to Bottom Right) Warmest congratulations to Chai Chang Cong - FX Sales Dealer, Magdalene - Transaction Record Management Assistant, Alicia Tan - Talent Acquisition & Management Executive & Janelle Wong - FX Sales Dealer Trainee.

Beyond the winners, our admiration extends to all participants who poured their hearts into this event. Their contributions have graced our CYS In-house Café with a vibrant visual narrative, portraying Singapore's journey and achievements. We are grateful for the unwavering commitment of our CYS people to making this National Day truly extraordinary.

Stay tuned for more updates as we persist in celebrating the growth and unity that define our remarkable nation.

Happy 58th Birthday, Singapore!

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