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CYS MD & CEO Hosted a Luncheon for CYLYNX CEO & Team

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

CYS Global Remit and CYLYNX taking a group photo after a fruitful lunch and office tour.

Cylynx is a software development firm which builds fraud detection solutions powered by network analytics. They aid in the constant and relentless combat against financial fraud with graph AI-based transaction risk monitoring. In fact, Cylynx's dedication and expertise are recognised by Regulations Asia in their prestigious Awards for Excellence 2020, where the company was honoured as the "One to Watch”. This recognition solidifies their position as a leading force in the field of fraud detection and underscores their commitment to providing top-notch solutions to combat financial crimes.

CYLYNX having a delicious lunch with CYS Global Remit

Last Thursday 22 June 2023, CYS Global Remit Managing Director, Carl S. K. Cheung, and Chief Executive Officer, Ann S. K. Wee, hosted a luncheon at CYS Office In-House Café for their valued partner, Cylynx Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Lin, and his senior management members, Swan Lin and Jason Ho.

Both CYS and Cylynx took the opportunity to strengthen their existing relationship and foster a deeper partnership. The lunch served as a platform for open and constructive discussions, where ideas were shared, visions aligned, and strategies formulated to further enhance their collaborative efforts.

The occasion allowed CYS to gain deeper insights into CYLYNX's industry-leading solutions and the remarkable advancements they have made in the field of fraud detection. By engaging in meaningful conversations and exchanging valuable knowledge, CYS gained a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, technologies, and best practices that CYLYNX employs.

Having a fun and enjoyable office tour!

An office tour after the lunch gave CYLYNX a chance to learn more about CYS’ community lifestyle, its unique history, present challenges, and long-term goals, particularly in combating financial frauds.

The lunch and office tour concluded on a positive note, with an agreement to continue engaging in regular meetings and goodie bags filled with gifts presented by CYS CEO, Ann S. K. Wee, to the CYLYNX team.

CYS Global Remit presenting CYLYNX with goodie bags

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