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CYS Global Remit Commemorates World Environment Day

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

CYS promotes a paperless workflow with digital workflows.

World Environment Day 2023 was a global effort to #BeatPlastic pollution. It seeks to remind us that people’s actions on plastic pollution matter. At CYS, we stand at the forefront of the plastic-less and paperless revolution. With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, CYS Global Remit has taken significant strides to reduce its ecological footprint and promote a greener future.

CYS Global Remit recognises the detrimental impact of single-use plastics on our planet and environment and has implemented a comprehensive plan to eliminate and reduce plastic and paper from our operations.

By encouraging employees, customers, and partners to embrace reusable alternatives and adopting innovative packaging solutions, CYS Global Remit has successfully transitioned to an eco-friendlier approach. This proactive course of action not only reduces waste but also protects our delicate ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations.

In addition to our plastic-free initiatives, CYS Global Remit has embraced a paperless workflow, revolutionising traditional practices in the financial services industry. By leveraging technology and digital alternatives, CYS Global Remit has significantly reduced its paper consumption and streamlined internal processes. The transition to a paperless system not only enhances operational efficiency but also demonstrates our commitment to embracing sustainable solutions.

As part of its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the environment, CYS Global Remit is excited to announce an upcoming initiative that will further contribute to environmental conservation. In the following week, the company will be organizing a CSR activity focused on learning how to recycle disposable materials into useful items and how to give back to the environment. Employees are encouraged to participate and discover creative ways to repurpose materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Stay tuned for more details on the exciting event!

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