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CYS Digital Media Marketing Officer

A Report by CYS Global Remit Human Resources Management Team 

A Day in Life of a CYS DMM Officer   

Digital Media Marketing (DMM) in CYS Global Remit is a diverse responsibilities and challenges on crafting and executing digital marketing strategies that resonate with CYS business goals, bolstering CYS online brand presence and yielding measurable results in the digital realm.  So how does a day in life look like for our CYS DMM Officer?  We are here to find out. 


Everyday Tasks 

A typical day for our DMM Officer begins with a check-in on Trello, a crucial platform for updates and coordination that leads to preparing documents for strategic planning with CYS Chief Marketing Officer, ensuring alignment of strategies and addressing crucial matters.   

This involves managing ad-hoc projects and weekly commitments to create insightful articles for CYS Insights, a journey that includes brainstorming on Monday, photo-shooting on Tuesday, crafting all the articles to be published by Wednesday, and finally sharing the completed pieces for touch-ups before posting on our CYS website.  This process involves coordination with internal functional teams as well as external partners and vendors, allowing us to bring out the best of CYS in a creative and engaging manner.  


Weekly Updates 

Bi-weekly meetings with senior management provide opportunities to share updates, discuss ongoing projects, and gain insights into upcoming initiatives. One notable update is the sharing of CYS website statistics, which offers a comprehensive view of new readers, reader retention, and the geographical distribution of our audience on a week-to-week comparison.  


CYS DMM Officer actively engages in marketing projects, such as the creation of a corporate video (check the process here), the preparation for the launch of a new products, which involves using eDMs with specific content to reach out to targeted audience, and the relentlessly brand awareness campaigns that run throughout the year. 


Strategic Planning 

Strategic planning is part of the intricate workflows of the CYS DMM Officer, who works closely with the Chief Marketing Officer in proposing marketing events, strategies, and approaches to reach Company’s objectives in branding, product adoption as well as customer loyalty. Often than not, this will involve specific direction in content creation, identifying ways to reach the targeted audience, and coming up with brilliant ideas to reach out to them.  

The CYS DMM Officer must understand the dynamics of CYS cross-functional units to effectively collaborate with them to ensure marketing strategies align with overall business objectives. The CYS DMM Officer also takes responsibility for managing vendor relationships, public relations, market expansion, special events, stakeholder communications, and budget controls. 


Creative yet Executive 

The Digital Media Marketing role provides a perfect blend of creativity and execution. Bringing ideas to life, engaging in creative tasks, and collaborating with colleagues from various cross-functional units on exciting projects, contribute to a satisfying work experience and an enriching layer to a professional journey.  

A fast-paced and tech-savvy job in a dynamic environment that demands creativity and innovation for global reach and community engagement based on data and measurable results, the CYS DMM Officer job is an opportunity for entrepreneurial experience and a continuous learning journey that never ends. 


🚀 Join Us!  

If you're intrigued by the exciting prospects of a Digital Media Marketing Officer, CYS Global Remit is the place for you!  Reach out to us and we will tell you more, just click on the link below to let us know if you are interested.  Hear from you soon! 

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