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Lights, Camera, Action – The CYS Way!

A Report by CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team 

Embark on a visual adventure with CYS Global Remit Digital Media Marketing Team as they dive into the world of content production.  This week, our team is on an exciting journey — video shooting!  It's not just a task; it's a creative venture filled with camaraderie, promising to showcase the vibrant culture at CYS Global Remit. 

In the digital media realm, video shooting is an exhilarating journey where every frame narrates a story, and every edit crafts a compelling narrative. It's an art of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and bringing ideas to life through the lens. 

This week's project is more than just a checklist item. The team is given free rein to showcase their creative prowess, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. 

The air is buzzing with energy as concepts turn into visual masterpieces. Laughter fills the studio, and collaboration is at the forefront as we work seamlessly to capture the essence of our brand. 

Brainstorming Brilliance 

The journey began in October 2023 when our dynamic marketing team huddled together to brainstorm ideas that would captivate job seekers and resonate with our internal staff. The result? A killer storyboard promising to inspire, entertain, and provide a glimpse into the heart of our company's culture. 

Lights, Camera, Action – The Fun-Filled Shoot 

Fast forward to the video shooting process, a period filled not only with filming but also fostering stronger relations with various teams across the company. This endeavor involved colleagues from different teams, resulting not only in the best shots but also in new memories and friendships. 

Laughter echoed through the corridors as each team member became a star in their own right. The result? High-quality footage and a genuine portrayal of our staff's true selves during work. It was nothing but fun, joy, and laughter. 

The process wasn't just about capturing footage on camera; it was about capturing the priceless moments of teamwork, and shared moments of warmth. 

Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal 

Mark your calendars! The culmination of our efforts is slated for late December to January, and we can hardly contain our excitement. The video, a true labor of love, will be shared across all our social media platforms. 

Make sure you follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to catch the unveiling of our masterpiece. 

Don't Miss Out! 

As we eagerly await the completion of this video journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating our vibrant company culture. Follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest news and ensure you don't miss out on the big reveal. 

Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share the fun, joy, and laughter captured in our upcoming recruitment video!  Additional photos:

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