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Colour Me Your Colour!

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

A group photo of our proud and creative CYS Global Remit employees

Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun". Recently, a selected group of CYS Global Remit employees was provided with a fun opportunity to unleash their creativity by painting cute characters on canvas boards designated to be displayed inside CYS Office Pods!

Strategic Sales Manager Cheah Weng Kiat Jeff with his painting of a cute boat and Strategic Sales Manager Kennedy Kweh Kaisheng with his painting of Doraemon.

Strategic Sales Manager Lee Tiong Jun with his painting of two adorable giraffes and FinTech Business Manager Kelvin Oh Qiao Ming with his painting of Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Digital Media Marketing Officer Isabel Yong with her painting of a Minion and Strategic Sales Management Trainee Josephine Ng Soh Han his painting of Peppa Pig.

The canvas boards came in a wide array of popular characters such as Bob the Minion, Peppa Pig, Lightning McQueen from Cars, Theodore Tugboat, Doraemon, and some adorable giraffes! Our creative employees poured their hearts into this project, dedicating countless hours of their free time to perfect the smallest details, mix vibrant colours, and refine their brushstrokes.

This collaboration not only beautified our workspace but also fostered a deeper sense of camaraderie among CYS Global Remit employees. It reinforced the belief that creative expression knows no bounds and can be nurtured and celebrated in any work environment. The cute and whimsical paintings became a testament to the innovative and imaginative minds that graced our office, creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere for all.

Thank you all for colouring me with love!

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