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Cayman Islands Off FATF Grey List

A Report by CYS Global Remit Legal & Compliance Office 

On the 27th of October 2023, the Cayman Islands achieved a significant milestone by successfully stepping off the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) "grey list" after a dedicated two-year effort. This success is a testament to the collaborative endeavours of the public and private sectors, working hand in hand to meet the stringent global anti-money laundering (AML) standards outlined by the FATF.  André Ebanks, the Minister of Financial Services and Commerce, expressed his delight at this achievement, emphasizing the shared determination to shed the "grey list" status.  


Being placed on the grey list subjects a jurisdiction to increased scrutiny due to concerns about its regulatory efforts against financial crimes. The removal from this list indicates that the Cayman Islands has effectively implemented crucial reforms and measures to address these concerns, aligning itself more closely with global standards for financial integrity.  


Adhering to FATF standards is paramount for jurisdictions, given their crucial role in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism financing. The Cayman Islands' removal from the grey list not only enhances its standing in the international financial community but also reinforces its reputation as a responsible and compliant financial jurisdiction. This positive development can influence the attractiveness of the Cayman Islands for international business and investments, highlighting its commitment to maintaining a robust and transparent financial system.  


At CYS Global Remit, where we are actively involved in financial services and cross-border transactions, we uphold both MAS Regulation and FATF standards.  Our commitment involves staying abreast of the latest developments in regulations and industry best practices. This dedication ensures that we remain well-informed about regulatory requirements and consistently implement effective measures in our operations.



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