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WEEKLY NEWS | 23 AUGUST 2022 | 160


In 2022, it is expected that at least some compliance functions are expected to do more with less which is likely to be testing despite the rapid and recent adoption of technology. What does the ideal future 

Feature News
The future of the compliance function

of the compliance function and team now look like? Our panel of subject matter experts will explore the challenges ......

Economy News
Inflation Reduction Act won’t have ‘big effects on either growth or inflation’: Economist

After clearing the House last Friday, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is expected to make its way to President Biden’s desk this week. The President touts that the $700 billion bill will lower the deficit, make historic investments into clean energy, and hold the top 1% accountable.

JPMorgan (JPM) Chief U.S. Economist Mike Feroli discussed the economic implications of the Inflation Reduction Act and his outlook for the U.S. economy.

“There are some potential benefits to the supply side of the economy. That said, in the longer term in the theory at least, inflation should be under the control of the Fed,”......

Money News
Crypto markets surge after better-than-expected US inflation figures

After a slower start to the week, the crypto markets burst into life yesterday following the announce-ment of lower-than-expected US inflation figures. 

The Consumer Price Index rose 8.5 per cent in the year through July, the

Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday – a significant drop in the headline inflation rate following the 9.1 per cent gain in the year through June.

Forbes has listed India as the most corrupt country in its latest report
Compliance News

A viral Facebook post claims that “Forbes has listed India as the most corrupt country in Asia in 2022.” The user articulates in Hindi, “India is Asia’s most corrupt country on the Forbes list! It was at 76th place in 2015; Modi Ji took India to 75th place on Amrit Mahotsav!” According to the Government of India, ......

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