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Yummylicious CYS CNY Lunch Special – Part 2 

A Report by CYS Global Remit Human Resource Management Team 

"开年饭" (Kāi Nián Fàn) refers to the first meal or feast of the lunar new year in Chinese culture, also known as the New Year's meal or dinner, which holds great significance as it marks the beginning of the new year according to the lunar calendar, which is widely celebrated in many Asian cultures. 

The Kāi Nián Fàn is a time for families, as in our CYS family, to come together and enjoy a festive meal, often consisting of traditional dishes that symbolize luck, prosperity, and good fortune for the coming year.  It's a joyful occasion where our CYS staff members gather to share food, exchange blessings, and strengthen familial bonds.  The dishes served during the Kāi Nián Fàn often include symbolic foods such as fish, dumplings, spring rolls, longevity noodles, and various other delicacies believed to bring luck and prosperity in the new year. 

Just like the Shōu Gōng Yàn reported in Part 1 of this story, Kāi Nián Fàn is also part of CYS Global Remit long standing tradition.  It's a time for all CYS employees to come together, express gratitude for past achievements, and set intentions for future endeavours.  Additionally, Kāi Nián Fàn serves as a reminder of the importance of diligence, perseverance, and collective effort in achieving business goals and aspirations throughout the year.  

As always in CYS, we celebrated Kāi Nián Fàn with a sumptuous feasting with lots of laughter and joy.  The highlight of the menu included Lohei (鱼生), Roasted Whole Golden Pig (烤全金猪), and Braised Yee Fu Noodle (焖伊府面) to wish for a long and prosperous life filled with good health and success.  

Infused with symbolic significance, every dish featured on the menu embodies cultural traditions, transforming the meal into a profound cultural immersion. As we partake in this auspicious feast, it served as a beacon of optimism, setting the stage for a year abundant in achievements, joy, and abundance! CYS HUAT!!! 💰 

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