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OCBC Durian Party

Contributed by Alvin Yam, Chief Dealer & Manager In-Charge, FX Sales

CYS Global Remit was privileged to be invited by OCBC Global Treasury to a splendid Durian Party extravaganza hosted against the breathtaking backdrop of the iconic Singapore Flyer on the enchanting evening of 22 August. This exceptional gathering not only indulged our CYS 'Durian' Team with the region's luscious durians but also functioned as a distinct avenue for fortifying the strong bonds that unite CYS with the OCBC Treasury Team.

Representing the CYS 'Durian' Team were our Chief of Staff Jesline Ng, Chief FinTech Officer Lim Jing Wei, and CYS Chief Dealer Alvin Yam. CYS presence underscored our steadfast commitment to cultivating collaboration and innovation in the dynamic realm of our treasury activities with the OCBC Team.

As the evening gracefully unfolded, a sumptuous dinner was savored, featuring an array of delectable local delicacies, seasonal fruits, and, of course, the crowning jewel of the evening – the revered durian, hailed as the "King of Fruits". Besides licking their fingers, CYS Team also seized the moment and engaged the OCBC Team in meaningful dialogues about the exciting prospects on the horizon.

CYS has a trading and banking relationship with OCBC for more than 30 years and will look forward to nurture and elevate the harmonious synergy within our professional affiliations for more strategic collaborations. CYS is buoyed by the exciting prospects of API linking with the bank in treasury transactions and settlements, further enhancing CYS seamless straight-through operation.

The Event has not only enriched the professional connections between CYS and OCBC but has also left the two teams with indelible memories of an enchanting evening against the backdrop of the Marina Bay Waterfront, beneath the starlit sky, and in the delightful company of friends.

Thank you so much OCBC Treasury Team!

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