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Have a Big BYTE!

Contributed by Isabel Yong, Digital Media Marketing Officer

The BYTES Big Data Analytics and AI Summit took place on 25-Jul to 26-Jul in 2023 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Hosted annually by Tradepass, this prestigious event provides insights into the latest trends and topics in data analytics and AI, its goal is to empower the nation's digital prowess.

Previous iterations were held virtually or in other countries like Africa and around Southeast Asia, this year marks a first as Singapore becomes the host for this prestigious summit, reflecting its standing as the pinnacle of digital transformation in ASEAN.

Curious about what the summit entailed and what it was about? Over the course of two days, our Chief Data Officer, Dylan T. W. Chan, and Chief FinTech Officer, Lim Jing Wei, had the opportunity to engage with thought leaders in the industry. They listened to inspiring speeches from industry pioneers, including CEO Kenny Tay from the Singapore Digital Chamber of Commerce, Principal Data Scientist, Nitish Ramkumar, from the London Stock Exchange Group, and Vice President, Jerry Ping, from the SGX Group. The summit covered a range of trending topics, including data sustainability, the latest trends and journeys in AI, data transformation, and data democratization. During breaks, Dylan and Jing Wei took the opportunity to explore the exhibition hall, where they observed firsthand how organizations across Singapore are leveraging the latest developments in technology. They interacted with various exhibitors, gaining insights into cutting-edge AI applications and data analytics solutions. They also had the chance to network with different individuals and organizations.

The BYTES Big Data Analytics & AI Summit was more than just an event; it was an enlightening journey into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and big data. Dylan and Jing Wei returned with fresh insights, stronger networks, and a renewed drive to leverage these emerging trends for CYS' digital advancement. We are excited to bring these insights back to our team and look forward to driving forward with new initiatives. Stay tuned for upcoming projects inspired by our summit experience!

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