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Expanding CYS Compliance Unit – The Payment Operations Analyst

A Report by CYS Global Remit Human Resource Management Team 

As part of CYS Global Remit’s effort to fortify its AML/CFT regime, the Transaction Monitoring Compliance Function Group is increasing its manpower strength by creating new job roles to take on new aspect created by the latest installed “machine-learning” real-time pre-transaction monitoring system developed by Cylynx®.  (Read our report on the Launch of Transaction Monitoring Compliance (TMC) System

The Payment Operations Analyst plays a crucial role in risk identification, AML/CFT compliance, and ensuring efficient and accurate payment transactions within CYS Global Remit transaction monitoring cycle.   The job requires a strong understanding of cross-border payment systems, deep knowledge of transaction monitoring, acute sense of awareness and analytical skills, and the ability to work collaboratively across different functional units.  The Payment Operations Analyst daily tasks include transaction monitoring, payment processing, reconciliation, compliance and risk management, reporting and documentation.  

CYS Global Remit is in the process of upskilling existing employees to undertake the new job role and looks toward hiring more to fulfil the requirement in maintaining the compliance health of the Company in ensuring that all payments are inspected, analysed, and compliant with relevant regulations.    

For those aspiring to enter the financial industry with a focus on compliance and operations, this role offers an ideal entry point.  CYS Global Remit provides comprehensive training and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition into the financial landscape.  Explore more about this exciting opportunity on our CYS Career Page or reach out to us with any queries. 


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