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CYS Business Analyst

A Report by CYS Global Remit Human Resources Management Team 

Do you think you have strong analytical skills?  Do you like analysing complex data and identifying problems then solving them? If your answers to both questions are Yes, then join us on a journey into the dynamic and challenging role of a Business Analyst at CYS Global Remit, where each day brings a mix of key performing tasks, strategic analysis, and collaborative efforts in the realm of Financial Technology.  


Key Daily Tasks:  

The day kicks off with a meticulous review of the previous day’s records by the CYS Business Analyst.  This crucial step ensures the accuracy and integrity of the data for subsequent analysis, laying the foundation for reliable insights and decision-making.  


Key Responsibilities & Performances:  

The primary responsibilities revolve around providing and analysing data. A significant portion of the day involves producing clear and comprehensive repports, including business requirement analytics, functional specification intelligence, and use cases for decision making;  Analysing gathered data requirements to ensure clarity, consistency, and feasibility to identify dependencies and relationships between different objectives, this includes identifying abnormalities, grouping high-risk customers in collaboration with the Legal & Compliance Office, and contributing to risk management efforts.  


The Business Analyst plays a vital role in collaborating with various key stakeholders, ensuring alignment on data analysis and insights for them; communicating effectively to ensure a shared understanding of requirements and project goals.  


Challenges and Creative Solutions:  

Challenges arise in verifying the generated data, given the subjective nature of data interpretation. The Business Analyst works very closely with stakeholders and technical teams to ensure accurate interpretation of requirements, providing clarification and support, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders and drive consensus to ensure successful project deliverables.  


End-of-Day Review and Collaboration:  

As the day concludes, the Business Analyst engages in end-of-day meetings with team members and relevant Chief Officers.  This time is dedicated to reviewing accomplishments, discussing ongoing projects, addressing outstanding issues, Identifying and assessing potential risks and issues related to business processes and proposed solutions, developing mitigation strategies and contingency plans, and recommending and implementing improvements to BA processes and methodologies in bridging the gap between business needs and technical solutions.  


Fulfilling Journey:  

The role of a Business Analyst is not only challenging but also rewarding. The project-based nature adds a sense of accomplishment as tangible impacts on the company’s success emerge upon project completion. Ultimately, it is a fulfilling journey of analysis, collaboration, and making a meaningful impact on the company’s trajectory, the insights provided and recommendations given will contribute to informed decision-making and the achievement of company’s goals. 

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