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API automation is affecting our daily lives

Do you use your Singpass to log into an application?

Do you log into your banking applications to check your account?

Do you use Google Maps to assist in finding destinations?

Do you order food online?

All of the above functions are made possible through API automation. Without knowing, we have been using different APIs across varying functions in our daily lives. Many may not be able to adapt in the absence of these.

API, which stands for Application Programming Interface according to Amazon Web Service (AWS)[1], are mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols. They allow businesses to secure and set standards for seamless working while delivering required information or features. API automation is an essential puzzle piece of today’s application development. APIs can be used to automate certain tasks resulting in quicker collaboration between systems and streamlining of operations. Automation can save time and effort, increasing efficiency with minimal human intervention. The automated processes help to ensure accuracy and consistency whilst eliminating errors from manual operations. This allows organisations to have more time and resources to focus on other important tasks.

Our software developers at CYS Global Remit adopt API automation in our internal operating system and/or public-facing applications. Examples include automating cross-matching of incoming settlements from customers, sending payments instruction to counterparties for processing, or just simple tasks like sending automated emails to notify customers of events.

API automation is a powerful tool and CYS Global Remit is taking strategic approaches in applying API in our applications to deliver the maximum value to our users and customers.

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