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Uncovering Opportunities: CYS explores FHA - F&B 2023

Updated: May 8, 2023

Food&HotelAsia or FHA Food & Beverage Exhibition 2023 is ASEAN's largest international food & drinks event that brings together the global food and hospitality community. It is a pure trade event and is open only to relevant trade professionals from the food & hospitality industry. CYS Strategic Sales Management (SSM) Team, led by our Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Wong were at the Exhibition last week at the Singapore Expo.

The Exhibition attracted 43,000 attendees from 100 countries/regions, provided convenient access to the growing markets in Asia, and a great branding opportunity to be seen on an international platform alongside key industry players. The exhibition serves to be a great branding opportunity to not only be seen on an international platform alongside key industry players but also serve as a way for new brands to build valuable partnerships and relationships.

“It was really an interesting experience,” comments Sales Management Trainee Josephine Ng as she recounts the various new sustainable plant-based food, and beverages, as well as some new brands that were featured in the Exhibition. On the other hand, Strategic Sales Manager Lee Tiong Jun recounts his experience of seeing new kinds of machinery that could very well shape the future of the food and beverage industry. It was certainly a good and informative experience in the food and beverage industry, providing CYS SSM Team with new ideas and valuable connections to help drive their business forward.

In the post Covid-19 food scene, one trend that can be recognized across the globe is the increasing consumer interest in food that is beneficial to health and wellness. In a recent strategic business report by Research and Markets (2023), the global market for health and wellness is at a whopping USD 861.1 billion and it is set to increase to USD 1,600 billion by 2030. To respond to the rising demand, there has been a rise in health and wellness brands across the globe. In fact, an article by Mckinsey (2023) has recognized that consumers care deeply about their health & wellness and that there has been a significant increase in consumers prioritizing their health and wellness over the past 2 to 3 years.

Out of so many brands that CYS Team came across, one brand that caught their attention was Summer Origin, founded by Ms. Summer Ng, a 3-time cancer survivor. Ms. Ng learned that cancer cells thrive in a cold body constitution and as such created a line of products based on the concept of enriching the body and increasing internal body temperature with healthy and delicious ingredients to prevent the growth of cancerous cells.

CYS Team had the opportunity to sample their products and talk with the founder to learn the heart behind the products. It was a worthwhile experience for all.

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