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CYS Salutes Singapore!

Contributed by Estelle Teo, Senior Training and Career Development Executive

At CYS Global Remit, we have a company culture that thrives on creativity and celebration. As we eagerly approached Singapore's 58th Birthday, CYS employees embarked on a creative activity that encapsulates the spirit of our nation.

With a piece of 5" x 8" plain cards in hand, our entire CYS staff members embarked on a creative journey over the weekend, driven by a clear task - to combine our iconic CYS Global Remit logo with elements that capture the essence of the Singapore National Day celebration. And the result? An explosion of creative art pieces that left everyone awe-inspired!

CYS employees brought their unique talent and imagination to their best, using a myriad of techniques to breathe life into the plain cards, from skillful drawing and masterful coloring to delightful painting, printing, and the clever use of stickers, glitter, pom-pom balls and even crafting in 3D, each plain card became a canvas for their individual expressions of love for Singapore.

These original yet creative cards now adorn our CYS In-house Café, creating a visually stunning setting that radiated the joy and excitement of the approaching National Day celebrations. With each card telling its own story of the melting pot of cultures that define Singapore, they are reflections of our commitment to honoring the rich heritage and embracing the vibrant diversity that makes our nation so special.

Stay tuned as we unveil more about our National Day celebration card painting next week, our way of commemorating the remarkable progress and achievements that our nation has made, and expressing our deep gratitude for the unity and shared values that bind us together as one Singaporean family.

Happy 58th Birthday, Singapore! More Images:

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