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CYS Office Pods

Contributed by Alicia Tan (Talent Acquisition & Management Executive)

CYS Global Remit adopts the concept of an open office for more communication and flexibility but unfortunately, the trade-off is less privacy cause in the bustling work environment, finding a quiet and private space to focus or hold meetings can be challenging at times. That is where our acoustic Office Pods come in.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of acoustic pods and how they can revolutionize the way CYS employees work within an exciting but rowdy environment, the advantages of the soundproof meeting Pods and privacy booths, and why they are becoming essential additions to our modern workplace.

CYS Global Remit has six Office Pods at this moment and we are getting our 7th one within the next month. These Pods offer a soundproof and comfortable environment within the office. The enhanced privacy and concentration acoustic Office Pods are designed to create secluded spaces within open-plan offices, promoting privacy and concentration.

These Pods effectively block out external noise, providing a tranquil environment that allows employees to focus without distractions. Whether to make important phone calls, engage in confidential discussions, or concentrate on tasks that require intense concentration, acoustic Pods offer our CYS employees a sanctuary where productivity can thrive.

More importantly, versatile meeting spaces in these Pods have emerged as invaluable assets in our CYS modern office setups. They offer a convenient alternative to traditional meeting rooms, allowing teams to hold discussions, brainstorm, and collaborate without disrupting the entire workspace. The soundproof walls and comfortable interiors provide a professional setting where ideas can flow freely.

By incorporating acoustic pods, CYS transforms our workspace into a harmonious and productive environment where employees can thrive and unlock the full potential of their teams in a conducive environment for focused work and effective communication.

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