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CYS Effort to Retain New Talents

A Report by CYS Global Remit Human Resource Management Unit 

In the current landscape of Singapore's dynamic job market, where job changes are prevalent, recent research by Qualtrics reveals a disconcerting trend: many employees contemplate leaving their new positions within the initial six months of employment. 

This concerning pattern not only burdens employers with increased hiring costs and reduced productivity but also comes at a crucial time as economic growth in Asia is projected to slow down in 2024. Consequently, there is mounting pressure on leaders to prioritize enhancing the onboarding experience for new hires. 

The latest insights from the 2024 Employee Experience Trends Report by Qualtrics underscore a shift from previous norms, with new hires exhibiting lower levels of engagement, commitment, well-being, and inclusion compared to their more tenured counterparts. These findings suggest unmet expectations among new employees. 

This highlights the imperative for companies to not only attract but also retain talent. At CYS Global Remit, we value both our seasoned employees and new talents, recognizing the need to enrich our workforce with fresh perspectives to drive productivity. Retaining new talents is crucial, prompting us to conduct an onboarding interview survey to gain deeper insights into our new hires. 

The initial months of employment are pivotal for cultivating committed, loyal, and high-performing employees. Through ongoing communication and attentive engagement, CYS HR Team prioritizes our new hires' experiences to ensure they feel valued and integrated into our company culture. By actively soliciting their feedback, we aim to facilitate their adjustment and foster a sense of belonging at CYS Global Remit, ultimately fostering long-term retention. 

The significance of showcasing growth and development opportunities at CYS to new hires cannot be overstated. As most employees seek avenues for advancement, CYS can provide assurance that such opportunities abound within our organization, thereby reinforcing their commitment to stay and grow with us. 

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