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CYS Bowling Day

Team bonding events can be a great way to encourage deeper team bonds, improve communi-cation, and create shared experiences that can lead to a stronger, more cohesive team.

Last sunny Saturday morning, with the promise of a fun day ahead, 40 CYS employees & special guests met at K Bowling Club in 313@Somerset for our CYS bowling and dart competition. Participants were divided into 8 teams of 5 members, and each team took turns competing against the other teams to see who would rise to the top.

After 3 rounds of bowling games and 46 rounds of darts, the 3 top performers of the day were rewarded with coveted Takashimaya vouchers, adding to the excitement and competitive spirit of the event. The prizes were then personally presented by Chief Executive Officer Ms. Ann Wee.

Certainly, it was a great way to break the routine of everyday work life and build stronger connections among CYS members. That day, many left the place with big smiles on their faces.

A big thank-you to the organizers Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Wong and Digital Media Marketing Officer Isabel Yong. Good job, great fun!

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