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Our Services

Currency Exchange

We are able to change foreign currency, be it large or small amount. Whether it's cash, cheque, internet transfer or direct debit. We do it all.

Remittance Service

We serve both the corporate and private individual with our remittance services, whether you are remitting foreign currency into a Singapore bank account or overseas, we are able to help. We do all major bank currencies, as well as regional currencies. We offer fast, efficient and effective fund transfer and payment facilities. To allow you to carry out your business or your life worry-free.

FX Forwards & Hedging

We are able to hedge your remittance against fluctuating currency markets through the use of our forwards facility. You can buy a forward with us before you actually need to remit the money onwards to your supplier or personal contact. Protect your profit or investment from risk.

FX Fowards

Concerned about the volatile forex fluctuations and how they may affect your funds?

An appreciating USD may not be best for your investments, but there is a way to prevent future forex fluctuations from eroding your profits.

We offer a binding contract for up to 6 months in the foreign exchange market to lock in the present exchange rate for your purchase or sale of a currency on a future date. This way, you can protect your investments from any risks in the fluctuation rate.


Currencies Available and Service Fee:

Currency Type Service Fee
USD – US Dollars No Charge
HKD – Hong Kong Dollars No Charge
GBP – Great Britain Pound No Charge
EUR – Euro Dollars No Charge
AUD – Australian Dollars No Charge
NZD – New Zealand Dollars No Charge
JPY – Japanese Yen No Charge